Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Party

Our Halloween Party was such a success!There were 13 families that participated! Thank you so much to all of the moms who helped with the games, the treats, and the cleanup! I couldnt have done this without you! I got some great pictures! I wish I could have had more, I apologize if I didnt get everyone's child in a picture, it was a very busy day! We bobbed for apples, and made caramel apples out of them. This was huge with the kids, I heard a lot of happy kids! We also decorated cookies- talk about a sugar rush! There were several fun games, but the one I think I heard the most about was "Mr Weens body parts" They had to touch a variety of gross things and guess what they were. Also thanks to my mom, who sent me a mold of a real hjman heart! Kids also loved the mummy wrap relay game, it took no time at all to wrap each other up, so fast in fact that I didnt get pictures! :+( I am sure that all had fun! Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Aiden!

Aiden is now officially 3! Time goes by so fast. A few months ago he wanted a Blues Clues party. I lucked out and found a bunch of stuff on clearance. By the time his birthday rolled around, he had lost interest in Blues Clues and now loves Disney's Little Einsteins (mom loves it too because it teaches culture to the kids) He still let mom throw him a Blues Clues party, but he got almost all little Einstein toys! He wanted one little friend to come over- Nolan. All of our kids joined in the fun. We had a blues clues game, and a clue finding game, and musical chairs. They also all sat and colored and did playdough. It was cute and fun. Thanks to all of you who called to wish him Happy Birthday. He wanted "gurger king" for dinner, so we were there playing, and he fell asleep on the way home.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Carving out Fun

We got our pumpkins carved this weekend. The 3 older kids really wanted to "do it themselves". We had watched "It's the great pumpkin Charlie Brown", and in it they drew a picture first of what to carve on their pumpkin (actually they drew their picture on Charlie Brown's head). So anyways, they kids wanted to draw their jack o lantern face first. It was really cute and fun. We helped Taryn and Aiden, but they loved the messiness of it all. We are preparing for our Halloween party this week. We invited all homeschooling families and some preschoolers too. We are looking forward to it.

Falling into Fun

The thing I love most about home school is that everything can be an opportunity. We are learning about seasons, so we went an an ultimate leaf hunt. After awhile we decided that we needed to make a pile of leaves and jump in them. It was a fun lesson! You don't see Madison is the pictures because she thought the leaves would get her dirty! She is turning into a little lady, and leaving her tom-boy ways behind her. We then took our ultimate leaf collection and put it onto paper. There are hundreds of fun things to do in the fall, that is why this is my favorite season.

Swing time

Taryn is only 15 months, but is already catching up to big brother (soon to be 3). I love watching them enjoy themselves on the swing set. We are having beautiful fall weather. After a hot, muggy summer, we are spending a lot of time in our yard!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pumpkin Time

To the Pumpkin patch again! We love doing this every year! We had a great hayride- even through fields of animals! Then everyone got to pick their own pumpkin. We also got to go through a hay maze and see lots of farm animals! We brought home 3 bushels of apples, and have had fun making apple sauce and pies. I love fall!!

Taryn's new room

Thanks to my friend Cathleen, we have the cutest room for Taryn. We finally are getting her in there. She really likes it. She is growing up so fast!!