Friday, May 9, 2008

Bug Box

The Bug Box is a place where Spencer went on a field trip in preschool. He really liked it. So one day when the kids were off of school I took them there. The best part of going was the cut outs outside. There were a lot of cool bugs, but you pay to get in and my kids were only interested for about 10 minutes. I had to really force them to stop, look and read. If you live in Fayetteville, I wouldnt waste the money. I thought I would post the cute photos though!

Clean House

We were finally able to give our house a "face lift" Last year we put a lot of money into the inside, this year we were able to power wash the outside, and to repaint, and to seal the deck. It feels really good to have a clean house!

Taryn's Crawling!

We knew the time would come. She is now moving around. We are all trying to be careful what we have on the floor. But, as with all babies, she always finds the things she shouldnt have! What a cutie wootie as Madison calls her! We are really enjoynig her. Her personality is really beginning to develop!

Logan's soccer

Logan is a great soccer player. He makes several goals every week. He has been playing for about a month now. He is a natural. He even got a power ranger ball to practice with at home!

Madison's Program

Madison's Program at school. She did a great job. They had to memorize a lot of songs. Her class did some dances from Europe. The whole theme was its a small world after all. They sang songs from all around the world. It was so nice to go to. This school does not do much. Spencers class didnt do anything this year. We got there early so we were right in front of Madison!

Hammock Time

Mom got a hammock for Christmas. As you can see, there is a long wait for getting on the hammock.