Monday, July 27, 2009

My Baby is 2!!


Taryn's birthday was packed with Fun! First we helped a friend who is moving by watching her daughter that is the same age as Taryn. We actually had a double baby shower together since we were both having a girl after several boys. So it was fun for Taryn to have Sydney over. We then went to a carnival at the YMCA. It was fun with games, rock walls (note Logan is nearly at the top) a fun little train, and an inflatable obstacle course that even Taryn did! We then finished the day at Chuck E Cheese. (We had promised the kids months ago to go there, and we did not realize it would fall on the same day as the carnival.) Mom and Dad were tired, but the kids were ready for more! Taryn hadnt been there since she was a few months old, she really loved it, running from one thing to the next. I love the pic of her on the bike with her brothers peddling to keep her up in the air and her looking around at everything. She really does have her brothers wrapped around her little finger!

At two her personality is in full bloom. She has the words "no" and "mine" down perfectly. She has a real talent at throwing tantrums and getting pitty. She is also a little Houdini. She disappears in the blink of an eye. We love her dearly despite the 2 year old behavior. Time really does go by quickly, so knowing this is our last one, we are trying to "enjoy" the behavior. One thing is for sure, she is also very good at making up to you, she is very lovy, cuddly and loves to kiss. Happy Birthday Taryn! We love you!

Swim Team

Madison and Spencer joined the Swim Team at the YMCA. They have swam every day since the lat week of May! It has been a great experience, and they have even earned some ribbons. Finals is coming up this Saturday, we will keep you posted as to how they do! The back stroke picture is the meet where Madison took 1st place!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fireworks, Marshmallows, Karaoke & Yogi Bear

We had such a great 4th of July. This was our family vacation this summer. We went for 4 days 3 nights to Jelly stone park. It is in the Shannendoah valley with the Blue Ridge mountains. It is only 1 1/2 from our house, it os so beautiful there! I have always wanted to go there. We found it about 4 years ago. They had lots of scheduled activities from scavenger hunts, to wagon rides, to craft time, to karaoke. Madison, Spencer and Aiden sang Karaoke in front of half the camp, I was so proud of their bravery!! We had fun in the pools, on the water slide. There was miniature golf, and laser tag too. One of the things that I love about camping is that it is easy to make friends, and feel right at home. On the fourth they gave the kids flags and balloons and had them march in a patriotic parade led by Yogi Bear himself. (I forgot my camera). We also enjoyed a huge fireworks display. It was a great family vacation, for not all that much expence that I would recomend to anyone!