Sunday, May 31, 2009

Taryn's new look

I was just beginning to have fun doing Taryn's hair in piggy tails & pony tails. It was getting long and had curls on the ends. All of that changed when my wonderful son Spencer "who was just trying to help" cut her hair off. Luckily it was not to the scalp or anything, but he did cut off about 4 inches in the back. It was one hour before church last Sunday. My friend whose name also happens to be Heidi, came to my aid and gave Taryn a very cute style. I had my cry over loosing those curls, but she really does look cute. We have had so many complements that I guess I will agree that it was not the worst thing to happen.

Monday, May 25, 2009

A very Special Memorial

The Civil War had a lot of battles fought here in Fredericksburg. We have battle fields all around us. There is a National Cemetery here with 15,300 buried in it. In the times of the Civil War there were no do tags issued, so 85% of the men buried here are unknown. Unknown but not forgotten. Every year on Memorial weekend, the Boy Scouts of America go early Sat morning and put 2 luminary and a flag next to every grave. Spencer & I had a chance to participate in this this year. It was special. To do over 30,000 bags you would think takes all day, but no, hundreds of boys and leaders show up for this humbling responsibility. It then is open to the public at night when they are all lit. Taps is played. It was such an awesome site to take in. The whole family went and even the littlest ones were reverent and in awe. It was a perfect way to remember our soldiers this Memorial weekend.