Saturday, November 21, 2009

Aiden's 4th birthday and Halloween

Sorry for the picture jumble, I am trying to get these on here at long last. Aiden's b-day was celebrated 3 times. First time was on Oct 22nd, the day before I left too go to Utah. Uncle Shane was visiting us, and we went to the pumpkin patch. We then opened presents, had cake, and carved the pumpkins. On Aiden's actual b-day, Oct 27, I was in Utah (with the camera, so no pics) but Dad spoiled him. He had donuts for breakfast and Taco Bell for dinner. His actual party was on Halloween. The kids all came in costume and we had fun Halloween games. Our friend Luke from NC has come up every year since Aiden's first b-day. He went trick or treating with us. It was raining that night, but the kids still got some good loot!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Elder Harmston

Mom and I were privileged to take Elder Harmston to the MTC on October 28th. He is going to the West Virginia Charleston Mission!
I love this Murel in Salt Lake.
We went site seeing and we got caught in a snow storm in October! It was so BEAUTIFUL though!!

Brenden was so excited to go. He drove us crazy as the hours drew closer for him to go. He was very sweet to Mom though even though he was ready to leave. It was so rewarding after all of his hard work to get here to see him go. I know he will serve the Lord with all of his heart and might. We look forward to hearing all about it!!

This scared me to death when I saw it, and then I remembered it was only a few days from Halloween! There was even a CTR ring on it! It was in the MTC parking lot.